Corsicana is a Spanish and feminine fashion brand born in 2017, that merges different disciplines and interests; fashion, spaces, music, cinema, collecting, and enduring, with the same objective: tell stories about places. The vision of the brand is to produce garments that are solid and essential, and some special pieces, whose quality and versatility, offer much more possibilities not just for a formal event, investigating in garments more sustainable inside the industry. Since her first collection presented in January of 2018, Corsicana focuses on a production model of female pieces ready-to-wear and special events on demand (pre order). The pieces are only produced when a client buys them, without using any more resources needed than for the piece requested. Made locally in Spain, between Madrid and Asturias; Her collections do not follow the seasons, therefore each campaign is a one more chapter of the storytelling it shows. Founded by Paula Currás, architect and designer, and together with Ana Hernanz,  the spanish feminine fashion firm has been featured in major media such as Vogue, AD, L’Officiel, InStyle, Glamour, Elle, Cosmopolitan…shown at the Allianz Ego Showroom, and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid (2018-2021/ES); also nominee for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Award, Allianz Confident in Fashion Prize and Vogue-Condé Nast Who’s on next 2021.