Why not include the client in the design process?PREVIO & STAY x Corsicana aims another way of participate For the fashion of tomorrow: a limited and selected wardrobe that defines the reuse of a same garment in order to extend its lifetime. PREVIO x Corsicana offers the possibility of personalizing the garments online before being produced. the range of colors...fabrics; lengths; from a boat neckline,gigot sleeves, or an open back; even accessories that complement them, like sashes, tulles, kimonos or blazers. Four basic styles, 300 possibilities.“We understand that situations change, as much as we desire timeless pieces, we all like to renew ourselves.” ​When you purchase a piece from PREVIO, you can consult the future possibilities in the file STAY x CORSICANA. A long dress of a ¾ sleeve could become a…midi with raglan sleeves with feathers. ​(...)Corsicana helps you to visualize these options, acquiring a garment that stays and it adapts to new occasions without consuming any resources. ​*Welcome to the circular tailoring

- corsicana